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Re: Pulse Transformer

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I agree with you.  I can't see any reason to aim for a wide-band
capability in a Tesla coil.  I'd think they'd work better than they
do if they were even more narrow band than they are.  And they're
rather narrow band as they are.  If they were actually wide band,
then I wouldn't think it would be so important to tune them.

Good point, I don't know of any TC's that don't ring up in the
way you've mentioned.


> Just reading all the things said in this series of posts makes me 
> wonder whether anyone, apart from myself, has trouble agreeing with a 
> lot of the concepts expressed here? ?
> For example, since when has a TC been a wideband transformer? Since 
> when did a disruptive TC not ring up with some sinusoidal waveform 
> while its primary rang down?
> Malcolm