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Re: srsg setup probs

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Well if the caps can't charge fully at 400 bps, then it's
only natural that they would charge to a higher voltage
at 200 bps, which would require making the safety gaps
wider.  I don't see any mystery here.  If you want the
voltage to remain lower at 200 bps, then you can use
a larger capacitor value.   I'm not sure what you mean
about flicking on the power a few times.  Are you sure
your gap motor is not a hysteresis type which locks
at a different phase position each time it's started?
This would cause the system to behave differently every
time it's started.  Flicking the power on/off a number of
times may be finding a better phase position for the 


> hi all
>         i am currently running my srsg at 400bps (im from uk)
> and i wanted to run at 200bps as the cap needs this to charge nearly fully
> i removed every other electrode and tried to setup but the safety gap kept
> firing i got it so if i flicked on and off a few times the power supply that
> is
> it would run then with a massise improvement in performance i think up to 6'
> my question is could this 200bps be causing inductive kick or some other
> effect
> creating the need to very slightly open my safety gaps?
> also my safety gaps are rounded electrodes made from stainless steel
> any help would be much appreciated 
> many thanks
> colin heath