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Re: oil dielectric

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In a message dated 05/12/2002 2:13:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

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> Yes, but why?

I have heard about strikes to the primary from the torrid,the oil would prevent

> Although, a few of us at work have been talking about building an oil
> insulated TC.. primary and secondary all immersed in oil.  Possibly using
> those tapewound inductors for a secondary..  The vertical column isn't then
> a big solenoid, but is just an oil insulated wire to the topload. You'd have
> (potentially) very high coupling between primary and secondary, but rely on
> the insulation to hold off racing sparks, etc.

I would agree insulateing the seconday would be of benifit as well. I see
corona's are mentioned in other letters, a source of loss if i may guess.

> Of course, it's getting towards a pulse transformer, then....

   I am not familiar with pulse transformers, if you would like to explain it i
would like to hear more about it.