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Re: possible motors for SRSG?

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>   I have a couple of motors I dug up out of my Dads garage. I think they
> were salvaged from old shop equipment. I've tested both of them
> and they both work fine. I have posted images of the spec. plates on line.
> Could someone tell me if they are suitable motors to make an SRSG
> out of?


Yes, both motors are suitable for modification to make
them synchronous.  The RPM will jump to 1800 when four flats
are ground onto the armature (rotor).  The flats should probably
be about 3/4" wide, and spaced equally around the rotor.  The
flats can be formed using a large hand file, or using a grinder,
milling machine, etc.  

The motors should lock into synchronism at about 40 volts
or so when modified, but the voltage is not critical.  You'll be
operating at the standard 120 volts of course normally.  The
modification causes the motor to lose torque, so if the rotary
disc is too large or heavy, the motor may fail to lock.  You
can check to see if it's locked by observing the disc under
fluorescent lighting, and looking for an apparently non-rotating
pattern.  As you lower the voltage input using a variac, the
motor will lose sync at some point, and the pattern will
begin to rotate.  If you don't have a variac, just unplug the
motor, and the same thing will occur as it spins down.