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"fastTesla" update

Original poster: "rob by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rob-at-pythonemproject-dot-com>

This is the "Tesla coil friendly" preprocessor for fasthenry.  I now
have it working for two vertically wound coupled coils of arbitrary
dimension and winding.  I need to add the ground plane, and the flat
spiral.  I have the x,y=f(phi) equations for the Archimedes spiral, but
need to find tune it to deal with closewound wire and different
spacings.  When that is done, I will work on the spice model
generation.  I haven't even tried that yet.  You are on your own for
adding lumped capacitance.  There is another program called "fastcap"
that is a capacitance field solver for complex shaped objects.  Search
for it on Google if you are interested.  

I am using the following programming philosophy:
1.  non-interactive
2. all coil data is in a file, this makes record keeping easy
3.  I will supply demo input files in the package, plus a small readme
4.  you have to download Python.  www.activestate-dot-com for Windows and
www.python-dot-org for Linux/Unix.
    You may like this language, as it looks alot like BASIC, but you can
easily advance to Object
    Oriented Computing, etc.  It has a console where you can type in and
execute statements directly
    (e.g. use it as a calculator).
    It comes with a very good IDE called Idle.  All FREE.
5.  I will make a link on my site below called Coilers Corner, or
something similar, and put the files
6.  Look in the archive for my links to fasthenry.

If I stay in the programming mode, I should be able to get some alpha
version up on the web site today.


The Numeric Python EM Project