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Re: Beehive secondary technique

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I agree with the corrugated idea.  In fact I had suggested that
on the Paul's TSSP list a few days ago.  

Your idea of wrapping the rope over the coil seems like a good
way to create the corrugations.


> I had an idea which does not suffer from these problems.  Rather than
> having just a few creepage disks, the secondary surface is made to be
> corrugated, just like beehive insulators.  What I propose is, after a
> secondary is wound, apply a space-wound layer of nylon rope along the
> length of the secondary.  Then apply the usual several coats of
> polyurethane to the rope and secondary.  It would probably be necessary to
> have a motorized jig turning the works until the polyurethane dries to
> avoid drips and runs.
> I have not tried this and odds are I probably won't, but I thought I'd
> throw out the idea should anyone else be so inclined.
> Gary Lau