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Re: Geek Group Cap mod

Original poster: "rheidlebaugh by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rheidlebaugh-at-zialink-dot-com>

Jim: one slight correction. capacipors in parallel (bottles) are the same
voltage, not added or subtracted. Capacitance is added.
    Robert  H 

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> Subject: Geek Group Cap mod
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> Hi all,
> I just finished my GG SW  bucket cap and wanted to let you know
> something I learned.
> The page says 12 Corona bottles will "just fit". Well with 13 in mine
> they still rattled around but 14 would not fit. I got the bright idea to
> put the 13 in place and immerse the bucket in our jet wash at work. The
> 220 degree solution softened the bucket enough so bottle #14 just wedged
> in place. When it cooled the bottles are so secure that when tipped
> upside down they do not fall out.
> Here are some images
> http://www.jlproduction-dot-com/GGcap1.jpg
> http://www.jlproduction-dot-com/GGcap2.jpg
> If you look close you can see the bottom of the bucket is slightly
> bulged where they are squashed in but I think it will be alright. Some
> quick and possibly errant math got me this value. The GG page says it is
> rated at. 0125 MFD -at- 80KV. I divided these numbers by the 12 bottles
> they had and got-
> .00104 MFD for EACH bottle and 6,666 volts EACH. I then multiplied these
> numbers by my 14 bottles and got-
> .01456 MFD and 93,324 volts.
> This is not the required MFD rating needed for my 2 NST's but it?s a lot
> closer than I was, and with my commercial cap added will be PERFECT for
> my third NST which is in the mail!!
> As always any and all comments or suggestions welcome.
> Jim Layton
> http://www.jlproduction-dot-com/Tesla.html