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Re: sync motor construction

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My guess is that it won't matter, because the armature and
rotor will have so much inertia, it will spin steady enough
anyway.  I never tried running an uneven armature though.  If you
want, you may be able to grind a little more off each side to
make the sides parallel.  


> I have just completed grinding my rotor for my sync gap. It has two
> flats for 3000RPM (Aussie 50Hz mains). I made a "strobe disk" and hooked
> up my variac. It does appear to be running in sync. There is a definite
> point where the black parts stop moving and appear stationary under the
> ceiling lights. However, looking at the rotor it would appear that the
> two flats are not exactly opposite (poor grinding on my part). Does this
> matter? The motor runs smoothly, with no funny noises or surging,
> heating etc.