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sync motor construction

Original poster: "Mr Gregory Peters by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <s371034-at-student.uq.edu.au>

Hello coilers,

I have just completed grinding my rotor for my sync gap. It has two
flats for 3000RPM (Aussie 50Hz mains). I made a "strobe disk" and hooked
up my variac. It does appear to be running in sync. There is a definite
point where the black parts stop moving and appear stationary under the
ceiling lights. However, looking at the rotor it would appear that the
two flats are not exactly opposite (poor grinding on my part). Does this
matter? The motor runs smoothly, with no funny noises or surging,
heating etc.


Greg Peters
Department of Earth Sciences,
University of Queensland, Australia
Phone: 0402 841 677