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Re: Malfunctioning MOT

Original poster: "centauri by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <centauri010-at-attbi-dot-com>

Hey, my multimeter will go to 5000v ac or dc. It's an old simpson analog
one. I've tried the gap thing and one of the MOT's will with a very, very
small gap. THe other one won't at all. How often do MOT's "go bad"? I've
tried making a basic electromagnet out of both of them to no avail.

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Subject: Re: Malfunctioning MOT

>Original poster: "Alexander Rice by way of Terry Fritz
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>02/05/2002 05:03:01, "Tesla list"
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>>Original poster: "centauri by way of Terry
>Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <centauri010
>>I recently pulled 2 mot's out of 2 old
>microwaves. They both buzz when plugged
>>in, but on one my multimeter says is running
>at 500v and the other one I can't
>>even get a reading. I can't get the second
>one to even light up a LED and I
>>haven't been successful in getting either to
>run anything. Any idea what could
>>be wrong?
>Firstly, since MOT's output 2500v + then your
>poor little multimeter wont be able to measure
>it and will get fried, i sincerly hope you
>werent holdign onto the probes of the
>multimeter at the time because you would have
>been in garve danger of getting killed - most
>multimeter leads are rated for 1000v pk-pk
>wheras you had about 3 times that. A led would
>be fried instantly - 1000x above its rated
>voltage. Set the mot up with a small gap
>between the secondary lead and the core of the
>transformer (2-3 mm) - if it jumps the gap the
>MOT is working, they are not very well
>ballasted so they do buzz/hum in normal
>operation because they tend to draw rather a
>lot of current from the mains line.
> Be terribly carful - by the sounds of it
>you should go get a book on basic electronics
>and read the documents about safety on
>www.pupuman-dot-com, MOT's are extremely dangerous
>as they can deliver huge currents in a fault
>(like if you touch it) and will kill
>instantly. For the beinner coiler Neon Sign
>Transformers or Oil Burner Ignition
>Transformers are easier and FAR safer.
>Take Care - We dont want any fatalities