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RE: Enough pork in this pig??? (Check It)

Original poster: "Basura, Brian by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <brian.basura-at-unistudios-dot-com>

If you connect 240vac to the two outer LV bushings you will get 7200vac out
of the HV bushing (with reference to the case). This makes it a 30:1

The item you are trying to identify is probably a vent which keeps the tank
from exploding if you drive it really really hard and boil the oil (Jeff
Parisse has some experience here)  :-)

What you want to do to end speculation is go out and measure it. It is
really straight forward and only takes a minute or two to accomplish. Here
are the steps:

1)Place a DVM across the outer two "Low Voltage" bushings and set it on
10vac range.

2)Connect a suicide cord between the "HIGH VOLTAGE" bushing and case
insuring that the hot wire connects to the bushing and the neutral connects
to the case (important for a one ear pig). FYI-A suicide cord has a plug on
one end and bare wires or alligator clips on the other end.

3)Double check and insure the suicide cord is attached to the HV side and
NOT the LV side.

4)Plug the suicide cord into a wall outlet and observe the meter reading (Do
not touch anything!!!).

5) Pull the cord from the wall, detach the meter, then check the voltage at
the wall outlet you used.

6) Take the outlet voltage and divide it by the meter reading and you have
the ratio (i.e. 118vac/3.9vac=30.2 therefore it's a 30:1 transformer the way
the power company uses it and a 1:30 the way we use it).

Hope this helps.

Brian B.

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I snapped some pics of that xfrmr today and maybe we can get a fix on what
the heck this thing will put out.  Some pics are ok and some not as clear.
Hope this helps!

The pics are located at..........