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Re: Visiting

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<< opportunity to travel to NJ for a day and possibly Michigan.  >>

Hi Malcolm,
Indiana is the state bordering Michigan on the South. Indianapolis is a major 
airport just 50 miles north of Bloomington. I would be most pleased to meet 
you there,
drive you to Bloomington and then drive you back to Indy.

Got back from the Dayton hamfest Sunday morning. Lost one entire day due to 
5 inches of rain. the lightning tho was spectacular. The best part was meeting
Bert Hickman who had some spectacular photographs and specimens of crushed
coins. Had a good day on Saturday but losing an entire day meant we could 
cover less than half of the exhibits. Bot some junque and a few of the 
classic textbooks c. 1920 -1940s.

Ralph Zekelman