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Equidrive - was New Lab ..

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Ed and all ...

I have been running a "eqidrive" configuration with an H-bridge
rotary for a few years with no cap failures yet. Each cap is 0.1uF
at 50kV. I don't have an hourmeter, but if any setup is going to
be hard on caps it should be this one. They are Maxwells, though.


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> Ed,
> There are others.
> I have been running my magnifier system with the "equidrive"
> configuration for several years with the same two capacitors. The caps
> are rated .1 mfd -at- 45KV pulse for a total capacitance of .05 mfd -at- 90KV.
> Total runtime for the capacitors according to the hour meter on this
> system is 18 hours! The system output is more linear from minimum to
> maximum (4 inch purple streamers to 14 foot white hot  arcs) using the
> equidrive configuration.
> >  the transformer secondary windings will not provide that function as it
> >  with a single cap.
> >
> >  Ed Sonderman