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Re: C of Earth...

Original poster: "Rainer Schwemmer by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <rainman-at-asamnet.de>

Tl> I was wondering if the conductivities, altitude, and other information was
Tl> available to Tesla in his time.  "I" am not sure how advanced this science
Tl> was in the late 1800's but it seems unlikely that Tesla would have had such
Tl> great information as:

Hi *

Wasn't Teslas idea to use the earth itself as a conductor for his high
frequency currents? He would induce currents into the ground which
would build up standing electromagnetic waves within the whole planet.
The waves would increase in potential until the losses over the whole
planet would match the energy you put in with your transmitter. That
way you get kind of a giant "battery" that can be accesed from
everywhere on earth just by putting a rod into the ground and using
some kind of "tidal" power plant ie some kind of rectifiere circuit
to extract the wave energy. Now the Problem is what are the losses
within this system and how much power do you have to put in to get a
significant effect. The main Problem wouldnt be losses by radiation at
the surface. I'm not sure but i imagine that Electromagnetic waves
should be reflected pretty well on an earth/air connection. The main
problem would be that the earth is no homogenous metallic conductor
and that it isn't perfect spherical. The waves would be scattert on
mountains,seas and other imperfections as well as imperfections in
density or structure. The energy of this scattert waves would still
stay within the earth for some time - until its radiated - but would
be inacessible for our power plants because they would be out of tune.
I think it would be very interesting to have a computer model with
actual data about earth density distribution and geometry and simulate
the propagation of such waves within that object. Would even be far
more interesting than having giant computers simulate nuclear
explosions. Any programmers here that could do something like that?

The other problem which Tesla didn't have is: if it would realy work
then the financial potential needed to change our current power system
to that one would be so imense that it would be better to stick with
what we have.
If we only had 1 $ for each horsepower ... :-)