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Re: C of Earth...

Original poster: "Ed Phillips by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <evp-at-pacbell-dot-net>

> only 7Hz.  Tesla's patent (645576) suggested 925Hz which would be far more
> practical.  Tesla could easily make the high powered generators needed to
> power the system at this frequency.  The Schumann resonances would probably
> not matter much since the system's Q would be low due to the "city" load at
> the receiver.

	If the capacitance of the "rarified conducting layer" to ground is of
the order of 800 mfd, its reactance would be about 0.22 ohms.  For an
efficiency of 90% in "charging" it, the total series resistance of
primary coil, path to the rcl, and ground, would have to be of the order
of 0.0022 ohms.  Anyone have a remote idea as to how to do that?
> That "load" of the city on the other side of the system is a real
> "problem".  It lowers the voltage, Q, and thus efficiency of the system
> terribly...  Probably the next "terrible" problem.  Loosely couple
> transformers may loose their high-voltage advantage over tightly coupled
> devices if the Q is going to be bad...

	If the efficiency is going to be reasonably high so must the Q.  Since
Mr. T relys on resonance, any practical system would require constant
retuning of both ends of the circuit as the effect height of the
ionosphere varied from day to night, with geomagnetic storms, etc. 
Don't remember reading anything about that in his writings, which are so
clear it's hard to see any hidden secrets.
> Also, I am very concerned that getting 112 meter conductive balloons up
> 80km with a tether that can withstand lightning, wind

	For real excitement, try working with a tethered balloon in winds of
only 10 or 20 mph, particularly if the tether is of reasonable length.

> I can feel J.P. Morgan's check writing hand quivering a bit...
> Cheers,

>         Terry