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RE: Fw: Tesla's World Electrical System (was Field Mill Voltmeter

Original poster: "Richard Wayne Wall by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <rwall-at-ix-dot-netcom-dot-com>

Excellent idea Chuck!   We can take it from the macroscopic world to the very
microscopic.  This is on topic because TCs at their most basic level are
quantum devices.  But beware, the level of knowledge of quantum mechanics and
QED in general on this list may need augmentation.
As a starter, I pose a couple of very basic questions:
1.    Since it's well established and proven in modern physics since the days
of Dirac that "virtual particles" constantly pop into and out of our perceived
existence, where do they originate?
2.    In the Bohr model of the atom, electrons ceaselessly circle the nucleus. 
Since electrons are required to constantly accelerate in a circular orbit and
conservation of energy is mandated, where does the energy arise that causes the
force for the electron's constant acceleration?
So, let's hear your new ideas.
> Pardon my intrusion into this delightful thread, but perhaps by putting
> aside the classic electromagnetic description (transverse longitudinal etc.)
> and approaching it  in Quantum Mechanics terms, some new ideas may come
> about.
> Chuck