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Re: Sphere/Toroid Comparison Chart

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> Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson by way of Terry Fritz < 
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> Hi Matt, 
> The toroid C value is obviously calc'd in these (standard toroid equations) 
> as well 
> as the spheres. But there is a problem with some. Toroid cord and diameters 
> overlap 
> on some which is impossible and the equation is then wrong for those 
> toroids (and 
> also wrong for the equiv. spheres). For example, the 8" x 6" toroid. The 
> cord is 6", 
> and therefore the outer diameter must be larger than 12". This is why the 
> capacitance 
> is way off on these particular impossible toroids. 
> Take care, 
> Bart A. 

Hi Bart! 
Thanks for pointing out the impossibilities. The table was generated for a 
range of sizes, and since I was not trying to build an impossible size, I 
guess I overlooked the silliness at the lower (upper) end of the chart. Since 
some people are talking about metallic "garden spheres" in lieu of toroids, I 
thought a quick comparison might help. 
With egg on face, 
Matt D.