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Re: Tesla's World Electrical System (was Field Mill Voltmeter

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> The experiments I referred to in a (previous) post, are the (intellectual) 
> property of the investigators.  I must state that it is not for me 
> to disclose there findings.  I have no right to do that.  However, I 
> am quite confident, that when the time comes that "they" are 
> ready to make a full disclosure of their investigations and experiments 
> to verify their findings, THEY will do so!

Well, IF and WHEN the great THEY ever do have something verifiably concrete 
to say, then there will be something worth posting. 

> I must also state that I cannot sit by, and not reply to posts like 
> yours.  Our (immediate) problem is this Internet!  Too much 
> (almost instantaneous) communications, without enough time 
> to think, probe, investigate, and solve this kind of problem. 

If a hundred years of failure by hundreds of people is too instantaneous for 
you, the internet is not the problem. Keeping an open mind does not mean 
never coming to any conclusion. An open mind investigates the claims and 
AVAILABLE data then discards that which cannot be supported by reliable 
evidence knowledge and reason. 

> I think most folks on this List are very much like myself, in that 
> they must get up every day, go to their job(s) and try to make a 
> living.  They pay bills (and taxes), they try to get by, day-by-day. 
> All this effort leaves little room for trying to solve Tesla's 
> "mysterious" wireless power transmission riddle.  Yet, I know 
> of several people that are trying to do just that!  It is the perfect 
> dichotomy!  J.P. Morgan (would have) loved it!  Make (everyone) 
> have to work so hard and so long, just to make ends meet, that 
> (they) have no additional resources to investigate any alternative 
> paths to an easier (and more profitable) life. 

(cf American Psychological Assoc. publication DSM - IV under persecution 

Just look at what is 
> happening at our gasoline pumps, our natural gas and electrical 
> bills.  The "trickle-down" affect is also clear at our super markets, 
> and almost everything (we as consumers) need to buy each week. 
> Enough said for now. 


> Best regards, 
> Bill Wysock.

Matt D.