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Help! I need a sanity check on a new design.

    In past I have built a couple of very successful 8" coils that have put
out between 40" and 50" inch arcs reliably. Now I am on to building a new
coil and I am seeking a "sanity check" on my new design.
    I plan on using a PVC form 10.5" in diameter with 42" of windings with
20 gauge wire. Since I finally found a source for copper strip the primary
will be 12 turns of .125" X 1" soft copper strip. The capacitor that I am
planning to use is a 40KV .043uF with 2-3 15KV -at- 60mA NSTs, my other trannie
option is a single 20KV -at- 100mA. Here's the odd part, I am able to obtain a
spun aluminum toroid that is 32" X 8" for the reasonable sum of $450.
WinTesla says that the topload will require a cap at .049uF for the primary
to compensate, this brings the system into the 70 some KHZ range.
    So what so you think? have I lost my sanity? Should I just build a
bigger coil to match the toroid? Any help or suggestions in short order
would be greatly appreciated being as I have to move quick on the toroid if
I want to purchase it at that price (tomorrow evening).

        Thanks in advance,