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Re: Staccato coil operational- Thanks y'all

Carl, John, All
Here are my ideas on a "Super-Staccato" Controller.

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: cwillis-at-guilford.edu
> Greetings Tube coilers, and thanks to Dave and John, etc. for helping me
> come up to speed with my tube coiling.
> I just finished building a staccato controller for my coil per Dave
> Sharpe's design, and it was working flawlessly on the first run:  "pop pop
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------


> Dave I think is working on a "super staccato" controller that allows the
user to
> do this also but I'm not sure how he plans to effect it yet- let me know
> what you figure out, Dave!

The concept is add an additional 555 monostable between the Schmidt Trigger and
the PRF monostable.  This "bracketed" monostable controls "ON time" (or allowed
pulse number through Schmidt Trigger to SCR).  After time-out, PRF control
monostable is triggered via negative transition of "ON time" timer resetting.
The PRF controls would function exactly the same as previously discussed.

I've not done any modeling, but concept looks pretty solid.  A separate switch
selectable RC consisting of adjustable R and fixed C would allow setting
"On Time" output pulse
"picket fence" for 1, 2, 4 or N pulses based on time delay of RC (Ton ~ 1.1
Time delay values needed would have to be empirically determined (i.e.
build and
test a prototype).  In an actual implementation, I would suggest using a
555 for the Reset Controlled Schmidt Trigger / SCR output, and a 556 for
"On time" and PRF controls.

> My present 833A is an older one and so I still have the occasional problem
> with a flashover.  Unfortunately the fella I just ordered a new one from
> ran with my money and won't send the tube...maddening!
> -Carl