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	It apears as though I may need more inductance in my primary tank
circuit.  The resonant frequency will be too high I think.  If it helps
any, my primary capacitance is now 6.5nF, and my primary coil's maximum
inductance is still 15.43 uH.  That's like 502.8KHz.  My secondary has a
self capacitance of about 6pF(thanks, Terry) and a topload of 6.63pF(2"
cord, 6"OD).  Inductance?  Still 8.164mH.  I have no idea what the formula
for calculating the Fr of a series-resonant circuit is.  Will I need to put
more inductance in my primary and how?  Do I have to worry about profuse
arcing to my arc ring?  It's only like 11 inches from the top of my
secondary(I want cool arcs to concrete!).  Thank you in advance.

	Sam Beck