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Primary RMS Current and updated MMCCalc2

Hi All,

	I have received a number of inquiries about primary circuit RMS
current and using MMCCalc for different types of capacitors.  I modified
MMCCalc to be able to easily input the parameters of any MMC cap (that's
been needed for a long time ;-)).  It also displays primary RMS current now.
It always calculated that but never displayed it :-[  The new version (2.2)
can be found at:

The RMS current is calculated using the formulas in MMCPower4.html.  The
equations for resistance of a single cap (Rcap) and power dissipated in a
single cap (Wo) can be used to find current by simply using Ohm's law.

P = I^2 x R  ==>  I = SQRT(P / R)

So the RMS current in a single cap (which is the same for a single string)

Irms = SQRT (Wo / Rcap)

The Primary RMS current is simply that number multiplied by the number of

Iprms = SQRT (Wo / Rcap) x Nstring

MMCPower4 is at: