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NST Study results

Hi All,

I have posted the results (so far) of my NST study at:

The main site is 'now' at:
Note that this site's address occasionally changes (like it did Thursday ;-))

It appears that there is a fair amount of internal variation from
manufacture to manufacturer of NSTs but this does not affect the NST's
functioning in the charging circuit.  Thus, a 9/30 from maker "A" acts like
one from maker "B".

The power factors seem remarkably low.  In the case of the 12kV/120mA
transformer, a PFC cap reduces the input current from about 18 amps to 8!
I guess "i" expected that...

Calculation the BPS from this data was very accurate,  You can see all the
little sweet spots and such as the capacitance is varied.

It calculated the optimal PFC cap sizes too.  However, if you use resistive
protection circuits, and as a general rule, use 'less' rather than more
capacitance to insure a lagging power factor.

Hope this is of use.  I have yet to ponder all the wild applications of
such data...