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Re: Hosfelt snubber caps

In a message dated 9/9/00 12:17:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com 

<< So 7 caps at 3000 volts each will stand 21000 volts which is the peak
 rating for a 15kV NST.  Many of us actually run them well beyond that
 voltage rating with very few problems.  The caps are conservatively rated. >>

<<  Those big puppies will take like 15 amps RMS each!  Overheating them with
an NST is simply not an issue. >>

Hi Terry,

Thanks for your responses to my questions regarding these caps.
It sounds like they will perform admirably as Tesla caps. I just 
wanted to ask one more question to verify what you were telling
me. You said these caps were rated at 15 Amps RMS. Does that
mean I could actually get away with running just a single string of
these without overcurrent and overheating problems, assuming an
NST power source? Of course, I would have to use more than one
string to get the capacitance right, but I was just wondering. Also,
if as few as 7 in series is safe for 15 KV, I may consider using 3 
strings of 10 for 30 nF, as one of the other list members suggested,
and save the other 30 for spares.

Safe coilin' and Biggg Sparks,
David R.