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Oscilliscope recommendation

Hello esteemed coilers,

I have a background in electronics, (Ham radio in high school, radar in the
military and so on), but since that time I have not worked in the
electronics industry and therefore am pretty much out of the electronics
loop. I still enjoy electronics as a hobby, (Tesla coils, HV experiments,
simple projects, repairing things, etc).

I am somewhat familiar with the operation of a scope, (I still have an old
Heathkit that I use from time to time).  I have tried to use the Heathkit to
scope my coil, but the results were not very good. It seems pretty hard to
watch the scope while the sparks are flying! I see quite a few references to
storage scopes on this list, sounds like something that may help me scope my

Now for the question: Keeping the above in mind, what are your
recommendations for a decent scope that I could use to further my knowledge
about the operation of my coil? I really would like know more about the
quenching. Earlier today I looked in one of my many electronic catalogues
and saw some scopes that went for $4500.00!! Holy cow! Hopefully I could
find a used scope for a lot less!