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Re: blown NST's

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> Original poster: "Richard Barton" <richardbarton-at-caving5.freeserve.co.uk> 
>  Hi all
>   For around 4 years I've used 3 NST's (12/30 each) hooked up
>  in parallel, using a static gap, with no problem. Recently I build a rotary
>  gap..... now all three NST's seem to have blown !
>  They are all shorting to the metal case internally.... one of them has a
>  real bad DEAD short,


Running NST's with a normal async (non-sync) rotary gap does
tend to destroy them quickly.  I've had no problems when using
synchronous rotaries at 120 bps however.  The use of an LTR
sized cap is probably safer too.

JOhn Freau