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Re: "human" topload

     This sort of goes without saying, but you are risking your life and 
     people have died doing the exact stunt you are trying.

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Subject: "human" topload
Author:  "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> at INTERNET
Date:    9/6/00 7:13 PM

Original poster: "acmnovak" <acmnovak-at-msn-dot-com> 
greetings all,
Is there a way to calculate the capacity of a human topload? I'd like to try 
tuning a coil to my body's resonant frequency, just for kicks...
Although, I do not reccommend anyone else try it.
I've taken some pretty big arcs, and I feel I'm ready to move on to some
and better demos.
Safe coiling,