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RE: blown NST's

Hi Sundog,

	If your running an LTR cap with safety gaps.  I would think you are doing
everything right and the NST will not blow.

	I keep hearing of occasional cooked sync motors.  What cooked your motor?
I would think the motor would be fairly blowup proof.  Do we need to think
up some things to protect motors too??



At 11:06 AM 9/7/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi All,
> I recently cooked my sync motor, so I grabbed DC motor (thanks again,
>Dave!), and fired that up -at- ~500bps.  Ran it for a decent while on a variety
>of coils, and so far have no ill effects on the tranny.  The saftey gap I
>set in a little bit (gets a bit of purple fuzz on the electrodes on just the
>NST).  I never ran the gap below 2k rpm's, and found 2 spots spinning up
>that it definately "wasn't happy with", because the saftey would fire a few
>times.  I'm running an LTR cap, but the 9/60 seems to charge it up just
>fine.  I do have to say, running the gap at 100% on the variac, the
>streamers just go *wild*.  All over the place.  Not really any longer, but
>they move a lot faster.  Looks really cool.  I am fully expecting to cook
>this NST sooner or later, but maybe the high breakrate won't kill it.
>  Input?  Ideas?  Suggestions?
>						caio!
>								Sundog
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>>  Hi all
>>   For around 4 years I've used 3 NST's (12/30 each) hooked up
>>  in parallel, using a static gap, with no problem. Recently I build a
>>  gap..... now all three NST's seem to have blown !
>>  They are all shorting to the metal case internally.... one of them has a
>>  real bad DEAD short,
>Running NST's with a normal async (non-sync) rotary gap does
>tend to destroy them quickly.  I've had no problems when using
>synchronous rotaries at 120 bps however.  The use of an LTR
>sized cap is probably safer too.
>JOhn Freau