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Re: double helix

I downloaded the image and Neemie ran it through Photoshop. My guess is it's 
a REAL TC, with a REAL Double Helix on top, technically it a Double Helix 
Discharge. But there's a catch.

Here's how they did it......

It's a garden variety TC, with a dark painted metal (copper?) double helix 
sculpture as the discharge terminal. The coil is running JUST under breakout 
and the PERCIEVED discharge is just Corona. It TEACHNICALLY IS a Double 
helix discharge, and it WOULD take a long exposire to get enough corona 
(very faint) to make it look right.

Examine the EDGES of the discharge. You can CLEARLY see the SHARP outer 
edges where the metal stops and the FUZZY inner edges where the corona 
tracks along the surface of the metal.

Gotcha! And they're in ALLEGAN!!!! Not a 20 minute drive from here, perhaps 
I should call them up? lol....could be fun....I'll se what I can dig up.

Have fun, and keep skeptical!

Christopher A. Boden Geek#1
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