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RE: double helix

Hi all,

  Just can't resist, so here's my $.02...

 Why on earth (or anywhere else for that matter!), would there only be
breakout from the top of the "power-pyramid" *snicker* and not the sharp
pointy corners?   where's the streamers usually associated with a TC?  Is
this one badly out of tune?  I'd expect the arcs to track down the acrylic
sheet (it's been my experience that TC arcs *love* to creep along a solid
object).   "we lack technical details", that screams to me "it's fake, and
we have *no* idea haw to substantiate it".  Bringing up the Egyptians into
it also...and ending on the "buy the book" note...

 All being said, I'd like to quote a list member (whose name eludes me),
  "I'd trust them about as far as I could throw a fully loaded and operating
washing machine."
  We're all free to believe what we like.  If these people believe this,
that's up to them.  Of course *I* group them with the "crackpot free energy"
and "the earth is flat" fanatics.  But it may well be a double-helix
thingey, and the earth may just be flat. *snicker*  Sundog is a skeptic.
again, this is all IMHO

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> Greetings,
>                Does anyone have any info on a picture that was on the
> that showed a double helix discharge from a pyramid form (as the topload,
> also enclosing the coil). Is this a hoax picture ?
>                         All the best---- Russell hicks

Hmm, to be honest I think it's a fake. KeelyNet is not exactly renowned for
scientific discrimination!