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Re: I am Dr. Megavolt

Original poster: "Paul Mathus" <pmathus-at-learningco-dot-com> 

> The two coils are discrete.  Ran off the same 125KW genny, and shared 
> the same ground plane, that's it.  Pulled 200 amps when we hit them 
> both at the same time, the genny was chugging.  They would hit each 
> other constantly but I didn't see any of the continuous arc between 
> them that you would get from an antiphase system, as i understand it.  
> Probably better for our show to have them both throwing bolts 
> everywhere.  The truck was barely long enough to hold them both and it 
> was the biggest one we could rent without a special license.
> I believe we are doing at least 1mv out the top of each coil, but i'll 
> have to check the math on that. . . How dare you impune the sacred 
> name of Dr. Megavolt!!!!  just kidding, heh heh heh

Impune??  (I'll have to look that one up. ^_^ )  
One of the best ways for calculating the top electrode
voltage is to take the stored energy in the primary cap
and and transfer it in the top electrode capacitance.
Assuming that about 75% of the input energy makes it to 
the output, the equation is simply:

  [1/2 * Cp * Vp^2] * 75%  =  1/2 * Cs * Vs^2

Cs can be approximated by the tank circuit equation if the 
secondary inductance and the output frequency are known. 
Lumping the secondary components in this way is actually 
quite accurate, especially if a large toroid is used, since 
the sheet C of the sec stores only a small percentage of the 
total energy due to it's reduced voltage.

Playa dust is an evil thing, isn't it?