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To ALL attending the NE Ohio tesla fest

Hello, This is Christy Wallace, Jason's wife. Harvey had previously posted that
I would be helping corridinate the event (actually im doing food, photographs,
and after the event making a website). The reason I am writting to you all is
this. I had a major computer crash with our server wich has delted all my
emails. I know of one person who has contacted me about helping with food and
things. I will be making chili, and bringing the crackers needed for that. The
other gentleman will be bringing pop. What I would like to know is all of you
that are attending can I have a list of your names, FOR EASY REMEMBERANCE for
the website, also I would like to know if anyone else would be willing to help
out with the food this year. I know last year Kim, Kent's wife did an excellent
job. Knowing how long you guys can go on about coils (LOL Trust me I enjoy it
to, just dont know that much yet) im sure it will make for a complete evening
and long night, I would like to make sure everyone is feed, and you are all
able to stay and enjoy the fun. We still need someone to bring bowels, spoons,
cups, chips. That sort of thing. If anyone else is willing to help with this
please email me at <mailto:jcwallace-at-cybrtown-dot-com>jcwallace-at-cybrtown-dot-com
also if you would like to take a look at last years website the URL is
This years site will be better, as I have had a year to learn and have more
graphic experince. Just email me and let me know about any food you would like
to bring or anything you would be willing to help me out with.  Thanks for
taking the time to read this.
Take care looking forward to a great Tesla fest 2000
Christy Wallace