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Re: Why do bad things happen to good people, (another flop)

Hi Tom,

	Don't worry, it's not a flop.  It is just out of tune.  Find a top
terminal.  Even a basket ball covered with aluminium foil will work.

	The resonant size primary cap for a 10kV/133mA transformer is 35nF, so
your 10nF cap is really small.  You could probably go to 50nF!  Try to find
more cap.

	For tuning, we need to know the following to figure it out.

Primary inner diameter = 11 inches
Winding pitch (center to center) = ????
Total primary turns available = ????
Primary cap = 10nF

Secondary diameter = 4.5 inches
Secondary length = 20 inches
Turns or wire guage = ???

Describe the terminal type and dimensions.

With this info we can pretty much tell you were to tap the primary.

Your coil can probably do 4+ foot arcs if everything were just right.



At 11:31 AM 9/5/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello all, 
>Heres my problem, i just wound a new primary, its a
>flat spiral, with a 11in inside diameter, #8ground
>wire.  Fed with a .01uf cap, and a 10kv 133ma supply. 
>My secondayr is 20in high and has a diameter of 4.5in.
>I can only tune it with no topload, and the discharge
>is pathetic, no more than 7in  I was able to get
>doulbe that in corona discharge with #12 wire wraped
>around a laundry detergent bucket.  What gives?  Do i
>need to add more turns to the inside of the primary to
>close in the gap?
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