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Re[2]: I am Dr. Megavolt

     Yes, we had massive technical difficulties due to the dust and rain 
     and other gremlins.  Glad you liked the show.  The front coil on the 
     truck is the one I helped build, although i have parts in both coils.
     Design of both coils and the suit was by Dr. Austin Richards.
     paul mathus

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Original poster: "Ken Donnell" <kdonnell1-at-earthlink-dot-net> 
Playa dust is indeed an evil thing, also for stereo/video equipment. Saw Dr. 
Megavolt's systems at Burning Man. What beautiful streamers!
Ken Donnell
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> > The two coils are discrete.  Ran off the same 125KW genny, and shared 
> > the same ground plane, that's it.  Pulled 200 amps when we hit them
> > both at the same time, the genny was chugging.  They would hit each 
> > other constantly but I didn't see any of the continuous arc between
> > them that you would get from an antiphase system, as i understand it. 
> > Probably better for our show to have them both throwing bolts
> > everywhere.  The truck was barely long enough to hold them both and it 
> > was the biggest one we could rent without a special license.
> >
> > I believe we are doing at least 1mv out the top of each coil, but i'll 
> > have to check the math on that. . . How dare you impune the sacred
> > name of Dr. Megavolt!!!!  just kidding, heh heh heh 
> Impune??  (I'll have to look that one up. ^_^ )
> One of the best ways for calculating the top electrode 
> voltage is to take the stored energy in the primary cap 
> and and transfer it in the top electrode capacitance.
> Assuming that about 75% of the input energy makes it to 
> the output, the equation is simply:
>   [1/2 * Cp * Vp^2] * 75%  =  1/2 * Cs * Vs^2 
> Cs can be approximated by the tank circuit equation if the 
> secondary inductance and the output frequency are known.
> Lumping the secondary components in this way is actually
> quite accurate, especially if a large toroid is used, since 
> the sheet C of the sec stores only a small percentage of the 
> total energy due to it's reduced voltage.
> Playa dust is an evil thing, isn't it? 
> --
> -GL
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