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Caps Question:

Hi Terry!  Is this the proper way to get into the website when I have a ?
about coiling?  If not please tell me how and I will rewrite this
mailing.  If it is correct, then, is there anyone on the list that could
tell me if my doorknob caps would be rated for A.C or D.C. if there is no
mention of it on the cap?  The people I got them from did not know the
voltage type.  They are .004mf at 40kv.  So, is there any unwritten rule
that will tell one what type of volts the device is rated for when there
is no info on the cap? Reason I am asking is because I would like to use
the 40kv caps as singles on my coil rather than doubling them up in
series the way I have them now, but I don't want to fry them by learning
the hard way that I did when I used a gang of hockey pucks which were
15kv rated and stamped as D.C. volts on the shell.  It gets very
expensive in a hurry when these caps fail.  I had the 15kv D.C. caps
doubled up in series for a 30kv D.C. rating on my two 15kv -at- 60ma. neons
and the caps still fried fairly quickly.  So should I just leave the good
40kv caps doubled up as I have them now just to play it safe, because
they appear to be indestructible when doubled. Has anyone else had
experience with this kind of setup?    I know that M.M.C. cap banks seem
to be the rage, but my luck with them was no good when I used them for a
sustained 15 minute run.  Have any of you coilers had better luck than me
with M.M.C. caps on extremely long runs?  Because those little M.M.C.
scutters get real expensive too when the banks fry.  I have never had
just one go bad, nosiree, they would short or open up in grand fashion
and drove me nuts troubleshooting the banks looking for the culprits.   I
would like to try the M.M.C.'s again but would like to hear from others
first. Is there a really prime M.M.C. cap available that would go for
say, at least possibly more than an hour with no damage that I could use
on my yet to be built fourth coil?   Thank you,  Al.

So many questions! So little time!