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I am Dr. Megavolt

     Hello list folks,
     Just got back from Burning Man and had a great time!  We put on our 
     biggest Dr. Megavolt show yet, with two simultaneously firing 25KW 
     coils and two Faraday suits on top of a moving truck.  When both coils 
     were going at once with a performer in the suit it was very, very 
     We also got HAMMERED by the weather.  A full week of white-out desert 
     dust storms and rain. Despite massive technical difficulties due to 
     the weather we managed to put on three nights of shows, and had both 
     coils running most of the time.  Wow am I tired:)
     We learned some valuable practical, real-life lessons about inductive 
     current limiting, spark gap design, grounding and safety techniques on 
     mobile platforms, Faraday suit fabrication, and running a big coil 
     system under extreme weather conditions.  Some of these may be 
     interesting to you folks and I will be posting a full post-mortem of 
     our experience to the list soon.
     The Dr. Megavolt coil crew consists of:
     Dr. Austin Richards
     John Behrens
     Richard Cossel
     Chris Campbell
     Will Keller
     Greg Solberg
     and myself, Paul Mathus.