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Re: Does a variac with no load dissipate power?

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: ghub005-at-xtra.co.nz
> Hello list
> I feel a bit embarrased about asking this, but does a variac with no
> load consume a signnificant amout of power? I imagine it dissipates
> a little power through hysteresis + resistance etc - but I have no idea
> of the actual amount.


Hi Gavin...

I dont know for sure about your system but I've had mixed results on my
for example   my pig setup PSU  is composed of  3 inductors of various
values and 2 variacs capable of 280V out -at- 52 A ( 2 1256D's paralelled )
continious current ...   when I plug the system into the wall recepticle  (
when the switch to the variacs is on ) I see little current draw no matter
where the setting of the variac is at.....

but on the other hand my smaller coil is equiped with a 25 A 120 V variac
with about 125mF of PFC ...
when I turn on the switch to this system  when the variac is above 75% it
will blow the 20A breaker...
obviously there is a decient current draw to the variac setup...

I havent checked but I wonder if the PFC on the smaller coil is responcible
for the large initial current draw...

Scot D