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Re: A perfect secondary!!!

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> Original poster: "Kelly & Phillipa Williams" <kellyw-at-ihug.co.nz> 

>  Is there any "optimum number" of turns? I plan on a primary with
>  around 19 turns and a 10. uF capacitor.
>  >  
>  Thanks,
>  Alan


That sounds like a very nice secondary you wound.  In my
work, I've found that 1500 to 1600 turns works best, at least
on small coils up to 46" sparks.  Using fewer turns, I lost
about 10% spark length for the same power input.  I use
what I call the Six Keys to Efficiency to design my coils.
Actually, I've never tried using more than 1600 turns, so the
efficiency might improve even more with more turns.  I obtain
42" sparks from a 12/30 NST using 1600 turns, but using 
fewer turns, I get only 38" sparks, and they look wimpy and


John Freau