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RE: A perfect secondary!!!

Alan: This reply might be late. Haven't been on the list for a few days.
But as for your secondary...
You ask about the number of turns. I suggest you carefully read all of
Richard Quicks pages on how to determine the approach to a secondary on
www.pupman-dot-com and calculate what you'll need for a secondary based on your
power source and other factors.
You mention the primary and a tank cap. What is your power source and have
you run all these figures through Wintesla or a similar spec program?


Subject: A perfect secondary!!!

Original poster: "Kelly & Phillipa Williams" <kellyw-at-ihug.co.nz> 

I have just finished my first attempt at a secondary coil. It used an huge
engineer's lathe at
a large timber mill where my Dad works. I set it fairly slow and then wound
the wire on holding
it at an angle so there were no gaps and tensioned the wire. The final thing
on PVC with no varnish
looks awesome, and there aren't any faults that I can see. It only has 754
turns though, I wanted 950ish
turns. Is there any "optimum number" of turns? I plan on a primary with
around 19 turns and a 10. uF capacitor.