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Re: A perfect secondary!!!

Hi  Kelly & Phillipa,
There is a guide line for the number of turns, which is 800 - 1000 turns,
but that's just a guide.

Jeroen Kooiman, Holland
Web page : http://www.crosswinds-dot-net/~jeroenk

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Subject: A perfect secondary!!!

> Original poster: "Kelly & Phillipa Williams" <kellyw-at-ihug.co.nz>
> I have just finished my first attempt at a secondary coil. It used an huge
> engineer's lathe at
> a large timber mill where my Dad works. I set it fairly slow and then
> the wire on holding
> it at an angle so there were no gaps and tensioned the wire. The final
> on PVC with no varnish
> looks awesome, and there aren't any faults that I can see. It only has 754
> turns though, I wanted 950ish
> turns. Is there any "optimum number" of turns? I plan on a primary with
> around 19 turns and a 10. uF capacitor.
> Thanks,
> Alan