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Re: 10KVA Hopes Put on Hold

Build a "super" size, heavy gauge extension cord (I have used 8 gauge, 200
feet in length, for example) and run it to the 50 amp clothes dryer outlet
or kitchen range outlet (many people have electric clothes dryers or
electric ranges - hope you have one!).  I have run a coil that made 15 foot
sparks with a coil run in this fashion.
Bert Pool

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Subject: 10KVA Hopes Put on Hold

> Original poster: "Ryan Ries" <spud-at-wf-dot-net>
> Well, my 10KVA aspirations have come to a painful standstill because of
> the housewiring required to operate the pig.  Due to insurance reasons and
> city codes and whatnot, the wiring needed to be done by a certified
> electrician.  No problem, we have lots of connections, and some really
> close family friends are electricians.  And, we had already acquired the
> necessary parts, (fusebox, 2-pole 50A breaker, some excellent wire - all
> for free or close to free) or so we thought.  We planned on leading two
> wires directly from the lugs on the bottom of the master 200A breaker to
> house about a foot to the new secondary breaker box, which was equipped
> with one brand new 50A breaker.  That would have protected the new
> dedicated circuit with a 50A breaker and ultimately the 200A breaker.
> (Well, the 6ga. solid wire would melt before the 200A tripped, but
> anyway...)  We also planned on installing some 50A fuses in that fusebox
> in a control box.
> But regardless, my power company will only let you feed a secondary
> breaker box with a 'feedthrough' breaker in your primary breaker box --
> guess what?  My breaker box is plum full.  :(  So, the electrican with
> we consulted suggested that we get some 'piggyback' breakers.  Well that's
> no good, because those could be $50 a piece, and I need at least two. Blah
> - way too much money for me. (Remember - highschool student here. :-)  So,
> our plans are put on hold for now.
> Ryan Ries