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Re: 10KVA Hopes Put on Hold

you do have an option for now, assuming the breaker box you planed on
using for your the 50 amp breaker has extra load terminals and it uses
the same breakers as your house service?
you could pull two side by side 20 amp breakers from your service panel,
put the 50 in place, run to the new box with your 6 g wire, put the two
20's in the new box, if the wire fore the 20's isn't long enough for
some reason, then use a 4 square box with cover for a junction box to
wire nut longer wire on, then just get a 30 two pole for the pig. this
limits you to 30 amp for now until you can get a 70 amp to swap with the
50 and then put the 50 in the 30 space. 30's are cheap. of coarse if you
have different box's ignore this idea.