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Primary Coils and Other Stuff

	I've built one tesla coil, using a 10Kv/23ma OBIT and did a
very quick, hideously ugly, and just plain badly made because of time
restrictions, as it was built for a school project.  I would like to
re make the primary coil, but have been having a hard time finding
1/4" copper tubing in any length, as everywhere I've looked have only
had very short lengths that are much to short for making the coil.  I
was wondering where would it be easy to find this in long lengths, or
from the experience of others what other materials might be good to

	On another topic, and I'm sorry about this, I'm in the first
stages of building a particle accelerator, most likely a cyclotron,
but possibly a linac, who knows, and I was wondering, as the some of
the people here seem to have great knowledge of many subjects, and
enjoy amateur science immensely, and I would like to know if anyone
here has built one, or has built high vacuum systems.*

Atheist/Freethinker aa #1622
"Travis Stewart" <mrprosser-at-geocities-dot-com>

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