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Re: 10KVA Hopes Put on Hold

Hi Ryan,

	Could you simply run it from the dryer, stove, or other existing 240
outlet for the time being.  Just get the plug and make 'big' a extension
cord.  You friends can probably find you the heavy duty cable to run the
240.  Many, if not most, coilers get 240 this way...

Maybe get one of your friends to look at the breaker box thing.  There are
all kinds of things that can be done.  Most cost money though...  Do be
safe and follow the rules.  You can do a lot of expensive damage ...

BTW - The extra 240 volt outlet Richard Hull had installed, set him back
$500 if I remember!  So your still getting a good deal.



At 09:52 PM 9/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
>	Well, my 10KVA aspirations have come to a painful standstill because of
>the housewiring required to operate the pig.  Due to insurance reasons and
>city codes and whatnot, the wiring needed to be done by a certified
>electrician.  No problem, we have lots of connections, and some really
>close family friends are electricians.  And, we had already acquired the
>necessary parts, (fusebox, 2-pole 50A breaker, some excellent wire - all
>for free or close to free) or so we thought.  We planned on leading two
>wires directly from the lugs on the bottom of the master 200A breaker to my
>house about a foot to the new secondary breaker box, which was equipped
>with one brand new 50A breaker.  That would have protected the new
>dedicated circuit with a 50A breaker and ultimately the 200A breaker.
>(Well, the 6ga. solid wire would melt before the 200A tripped, but
>anyway...)  We also planned on installing some 50A fuses in that fusebox or
>in a control box.  
>	But regardless, my power company will only let you feed a secondary
>breaker box with a 'feedthrough' breaker in your primary breaker box -- and
>guess what?  My breaker box is plum full.  :(  So, the electrican with whom
>we consulted suggested that we get some 'piggyback' breakers.  Well that's
>no good, because those could be $50 a piece, and I need at least two. Blah
>- way too much money for me. (Remember - highschool student here. :-)  So,
>our plans are put on hold for now.
>	Ryan Ries