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RE: PFC's gooooood...

Ed - all,

Yes this is what I was saying.  John Freau was sceptical of my results so I
tried an inline amp meter as opposed
to an amp clamp for just the motor.  The ampclamp shows the motor drawing
3.6 amps where as the amp meter shows
a current draw of 4.1 amps.  So it is drawing more that 2.2 amps most
likely.  I was out of town this weekend but
will do some more tests on the current draw and will post what I did along
with the results.  Sorry for any heart

More to come,
John M.

	Are you saying your line current was only 2.2 amps WHILE you were
generating 34" "sparks"?????????


Original poster: "Ed Phillips" <evp-at-pacbell-dot-net>

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "John Morawa" <morawaj-at-interaccess-dot-com>
> Hey coilers,
> I just received my order of some motor running caps today from USA
> manufacturing http://www.usamfg-dot-net/ that someone on this list recently
> recomended.  When I checked my 15/30 NST a few weeks ago it was drawing
> about 8 amps!  I checked it today prior to adding some PFC caps.  It was
> down to about 6.5 amps.  Must have been more tuning I did since the prior
> check I guess.  Anyhow, I added 40 ufd (170vac) PFC caps one at a time to
> the NST primary.  Each cap I added reduced the current by about 1.5 - 2
> amps.  I stopped adding caps once I hit 120ufd (3 caps).  With these 3
> my current draw was hovering between 1.8 and 2 amps with an occasional low
> end of 1.7 and a high of 2.2 amps.  From messages on the list I did not
> expect this much of a reduction but am very pleased with the results.  Not
> to sound cocky but as far as efficiency goes is 2.2 amps line draw from my
> 15/30 NST system that puts out sparks into air about 34" and has given me
> max to ground of 39.5" kicken some major butt or what?  Looks like lt's
> to replace my fuse with a smaller one.  Thanks again to John Freau the
> "efficiency guy" for all his tips.
> http://communities.msn-dot-com/WeaselsTeslaCoil
> Have a good day,
> John M.