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I bought a bunch from USA Manufacturing.  http://www.usamfg-dot-net/
Download their monthly catalog.  Very cheap and even though I think they say
used they appear
to be in "new" condition.  They delivered vaery fast also.

Good luck, don't forget run not start capacitors... (BTW, mine were rated at
John M.

Note the unusual subject for this thread. When replying, please cut out the
parts of the subject you're not referring to. I'm simply trying out a way to
condense my messages...

Does anyone know a good supplier of motor run caps for PFC applications? I
looked aound and they can be quite pricey, if you can find big ones... I'd
to try and cut my current draw down to at least 60% of the uncorrected draw.

I'll be running off of two 12/90 NSTs (modified of course) for a total of
12/180... I ordered 150 of those Hosfelt snubbers which should be here next
week. Is putting 14 in series a bit too cautious as far as voltage goes?
anyone know what the ac rating is on these things? They're like 3000vdc -at-
each...  They're axial lead, so would I need to account for any extra
due to their poor surrounding insulation? I'd hate to have to cover these
things with sillycone and whatnot to stop arcing...

If i ran an LTR setup with the 12/180 driving a 60nF cap with an SRSG, what
size secondary should i use? I was thinking of 4"x24" wound with #22 wire,
I'm leaning more towards 8"x40" with #22... What do you think?

Like i said, i'll be using a SRSG. Mike W., Sam Beck and I will all be
a big peice of g-10 phenolic for the rotor... How would one go about making
copper (or likewise) ring to connect the electrodes on either side of the
Will a 6" disk be big enuf to handle 2kW?! Also, do srsg motors need line

Much thanks for any insights...


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