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Re: ero cap question

the funny thing about the string i tried was that even at very close gap
spacing, the charge only smoothed out slightly? the string was 20nf at
11kv, i would think a 12\30 nst would have charged this string quite
well since it will charge my 99kv 15nf bucket cap up with no problem? of
coarse when i added my second bucket cap, the 12\30 had a hard time
charging them, i added a second 12\30 for a total of 60ma, this stopped
the rat-tat-tat of the poly's but they may have been stressed in there 6
years of motor controller use because some failed in short order.
a very strange occurrence indeed?

i visited vishays web sight and they have some very good information on
poly and other cap construction, for anyone wishing to understand what
the extended foil type is compared to other cap  construction