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New type of home made cap almost 4nf -at-at least 5kv

 Well one day i was thinking, i maid a saltwater cap out of sodabottles in a
saltwatter bath once, and each bottle gave a rather high capacitence. But it it
was sooooo bulky, and heavy.  So recently i decided mabey ill make a stacked
plate cap out of this plastic.  So i cut the top and bottem off, and slit down
the center so i had one long piece of plastic.  The problem is that this
plastic wants to curl back up.  so i put it on hold for a while in seacrh of
something better.  Well afetr not finding anything, i decided to give this a
shot again.  this time, i nstead of stacking plates flat, i layered plastic,
foil,plastic foil, then i rolled it up real tight. the dry capacitence was i
think 2.5nf.  I dropped it in some a jar of 10w30 motor oil thinned with
mineral spirits, then poked a hole in the lid ans put it under vaccume. I
couldnt get all the air out, i left it under vaccume for over an hour, and
bubbles were still&n!
bsp; comming out, so i decided to try it w/ just a transformer and spark gap,
and it blew instantly.  So i made another one, wound it a little looser, and
used pure motor oil, and it lasted for much longer.  When it blew, my
nongavlonized steel screw electrodes were so messed up (looked like rust, but
darker on the tips) that it would not arc when i disconnected the capacitor. I
just made another one, using double layers of plastic.  Its just under 2nf in
the oil, and i havent finished getting all the air out. 


So for anyone who wants to experiment, (approximate breakdown, preformance in
actual TC, whatever) heres how i did it. 

1)Get two 2L soda bottles, and cut the tops and bottems off, cut allong the
label, use it as a guide so edges are strait. 

2)Find where the label is glued to the bottle and cut strait down the center of
this,  look for one of the edged of the label, cut on that, as it will help u
to get a strait line. 

3) measure the length ot the plastic and add 3in to that, then cut two 3in
strips of aluminum foil that length. 

4) layer them like this, where f is foil and p is plastic, leave a 1in boarder
on all sides. 





u may need to put one end under a heavy book.   

5)now attach a piece of wire to the end what you will start roling from, and
role the whole thing up allowing at the end, the extra foil to wrap arround the
whole outside of the cap, then tape the whole thing so it wont unrole  

6) tape a strip of aluminum foil to the outside of the cap throw it in oil ,
and break it in. 

Note: depending on your tank voltage u may need to use double layers of

And yeah i realise rolled caps arent new, but, i havent seen anyone make them
from soda bottles before.  



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