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Re: 135 foot streamers

Hi Steve,

	A number of people have investigated this passage in Margaret Cheney's
book.  No supporting evidence for this passage has ever been found.  No
record's, no documents, no notes,....  Considering the care that was
typical of Tesla in recording such things, It would be very unlikely that
this would not have been documented at all.  "I" think it is just a "tall
tail" that ended up in the book.  Studies of the CS system by Richard Hull
and others rules this out very definitely.  I don't mean to "rain on the
parade" but a lot of people have spent a LOT of time looking into this to
try and discover the "secret" only to come away very disappointed...

There is a thought that because the tower was about 135 feet high (140'
3/4") that this distance got mistaken for arc length by the writers of the
day (probably the sports guy filling in ;-)) who were known to miss a few
details when describing Dr. Tesla's "magical" work...  However, when you
dig down to the actual documentation, no evidence of 135 foot streamers can
be found.

Tesla did in fact "pop" the El Paso power plant.  Bill Wysock has the
actual bill from that ($245.36, which was a lot back then, paid on Dec. 7,

If one looks at the terrain of the area, It is also very unlikely that arcs
could be heard in cripple creak.  There are a few big mountains in the way
(like the 14,110 foot pike's peak)...  Sound can do strange things, but
natural lightning or the "gold fever" mine blasting at the time is a far
more likely source of "thunder".



At 08:02 AM 10/9/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I picked up my well worn copy of "Man Out Of Time" and found the chapter
>"Blackout at Colorado Springs". On page 144 it says:
>"Tesla, however, was neither injured nor dead. He was frozen in a paroxysm
>of bliss. From where he stood he could see the lightening bolts shooting 135
>feet from the top of the mast, and as he later learned, the thunder was
>being heard fifteen miles away in Cripple Creek."
>Recently there was some discussing which concluded that this could not have
>been the case, based on perusal of Dr. Tesla's writing it was calculated
>that they could have been no longer than 32 feet. Has anyone consider the
>earth resonance frequencies in their own experiments. (8,14 and 20 cycles)?