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Re: vttc

In a message dated 10/8/00 11:46:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:

>  Original poster: "James" <mustang3-at-home-dot-com> 
>  Hi there coilers,
>      Ok, here's my problem. My VTTC tesla with two 833a's works well. The HV
>  xmfr for my VTTC has a MOT with the shunts knocked out, running a 1/2 wave
>  voltage doubler(level shifter). Outputs about 4000 volts with 60 cycle
>  ripple. I bought a large xmfr with 6800 CT secondary. Using 2 uwave
>  rectifiers I grt 3500 volts or full-wave. This is 120 cycle ripple. The
>  sparks are much shorter (but sound much higher in frequency; 60/second vs
>  120/second). Now here it is. Why when I have so much more power with the
>  full-wave set up do I get a shorter spark. I have run the coil on 1/2 of 
>  secondary winding on AC and the sparks are much longer. To me, this is
>  strange. I would think that more power would give longer sparks. The MOT
>  xmfr gives 18 in. sparks, big xmfr gives 13 in. on AC, 10 in. on full-wave.
>  The full-wave is very flame like, very hot. Questions, answers?
>                               Later,
>                                 James


I suppose that when you use full-wave, the spark behaviour is
becoming a little more like filtered DC in a sense (spark is more
constant and higher pulse rate).  This again shows the benefits
of low "break-rates" not only for disruptive TC's but for tube coils.
The spark appearance you describe is beginning to sound like
DC tube coil sparks.... so I guess it's tending in that direction
..... in a way.

John Freau